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A very tight place


A very tight place (Michael Darling)



All that you love will be carried away



Autopsy room four









Beachworld (Christian Skibinski)


Big driver



Cain rose up



Cain rose up (David Emery)



Children of the corn








Dedication (Jane Barr)


Everything’s eventual


Everything’s eventual (Brad Hall)


Gotham Café







Graduation afternoon





Gray matter


Sedá hmota (Erik Richard H)

Gray matter (Todd Banks)

Gray matter (Ryan Livers)


Harvey’s dream



Here there be tygers

Here there be tygers (Guy Maddin)


Home delivery


I am the doorway


Doorway (Alden Miller)

I am the doorway (James McGorry)

I am the doorway (Brian Dillon)

I am the doorway (Mikhail Tank & Jamie Brown)


I know what you need


In the deathroom

In the deathroom (Amy driver)

In the deathroom (Neil Watson)


LT’s theory of pets

LT’s theory of pets (Brad C. Hodson)


Luckey quarter


Mrs Todd’s shortcut




Mute (Thies Grünewald)


My pretty pony


Night surf



Nona (Ben Cowper)

Shalt thou shew wonders to the dead? (Julien Magnat)

Nona (Anthony Bushman & Stephen H. Smith)


One for the road












Premium harmony


Rainy season


Rest stop

Rest stop (Robin May)

Rest stop (Juan S. Zambrano)


Stationary bike

226 (Corey Dowd)

Stationary bike (Evan Jones)

Stationary bike (Ranjeet S. Marwa)


Strawberry spring

Strawberry spring (Jeanette Murray)


Stud city


Suffer the little children

Suffer the little children (Chris Keaton)


Survivor type


That feeling, you can only say what it is in French


The ballad of the flexible bullet


The boogeyman



The dark tower


The death of Jack Hamilton


The doctor’s case

The jaunt


The last rung on the ladder


The lawnmower man


The library policeman

The library policeman (Dave Brock)


The man in the black suit


The man who loved flowers

The man who loved flowers (Lee Stoneman)


The man who would not shake hands

The man who would not shake hands (Brandon Herron)


The milkman


The reach


The reaper’s image


The reaper’s image (Pablo ‘Macho’ Maysonet IV)


The road virus heads north


The sun dog

Sun dog (Matthew Flesher)


The things they left behind


The woman in the room

The woman in the room (Jared Collins)

The woman in the room (Jay Gladwell)


Umney’s last case


Uncle Otto’s truck