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Our Film


‘Everything You Love Will Be Carried Away’ is a short film adapted from the Stephen King short story of the same name and published in King’s collection, Everything’s Eventual in 2002. However, there are no haunted hotels or killer clowns in this story. Instead this is a tragic and darkly comic tale, taking the audience inside the mind of someone as they prepare to destroy themselves.

The Film

The film tells the story of Alice through her repeated attempts to draft and re-draft her own suicide note. Sat at a little desk in an anonymous hotel room, she tries to express her motivations and sum-up her life and pending death with equally comic and bleak outcomes.

Intercut with her macabre physical preparations and absurdist flashbacks, the film grows into a powerful study of a desperate woman at a moment of despair. Through each draft and re-draft, her character is revealed like layers of an onion and we begin to understand who she is and how she got here.

As the film races towards its surprising conclusion we explore themes of loss, mental illness and the tragic blank space that is left after someone has passed away.

The film’s experimental and theatrically inspired structure is a bold and unconventional way of telling a cinematic story. Most of the action takes place in a single location as we slip between fantasy and reality, the past and present. Throughout the drafting of the suicide notes acts as a natural soliloquy allowing us to understand Alice in a way rarely afforded in modern cinema.

Despite the subject matter, the film is not overly portentous or even gloomy. Instead it hovers at the strange and moving intersection between the comic and the tragic.

The Role of Alice

Finally, the role of Alice offers an extraordinary opportunity for a female lead to take center stage and tackle a performance that is both dramatic and psychologically rich. This complex role is at the very heart of the narrative and Alice is the only character we meet, it represents an opportunity to do something quite extraordinary and moving.


Our Team:


Tom Barber is a director and writer usually specialising in blue chip documentary. He’s made everything from feature docs to adverts, having created some of the most memorable campaigns in recent years. His work has been both commercially and critically successful across the world and has been recognised with multiple awards and nominations in both the UK and the US. He’s made films all over the world from Siberia to Africa, from Peru to Taiwan, and from LA to Dunstable.

He prides himself on bringing cinematic instincts to his work with a dramatic approach to narrative and a focus on powerful aesthetics and emotional character development. He also likes it when things are funny and move people. He genuinely believes in the power of cinema to impact the world and reach audiences in the most profound and extraordinary way. He considers doing his job a bloody massive privilege and can’t quite get over the fact that he has been able to make a living out of telling stories. ‘Everything You Love Will Be Carried Away’ represents another step for him towards narrative cinema. He prides himself on bringing the inventiveness and authenticity of documentary to his fiction work.

You can check out some of his work at here.


The Production Company

Iracundus Pictures was founded to support and champion the work of talented film-makers across the World and help them find practical and well-informed ways of developing, packaging and producing scripted projects.

Iracundus Pictures works with that talent to bring exciting new projects to the screen – whether it’s a short film for the web or more ambitious film and television opportunities. We have an outstanding network of contacts and advisors in London, New York and LA who can help us place great projects in front of the right people. As well as more traditional funding routes, Iracundus is building expertise in crowd-funding and brand-financed production, providing new and innovative ways to pay for production and ensure strong distribution.

The Producer

The company was set up by Amelia Baker, a young producer who was frustrated by the lack of practical support for talent to get their projects to the screen.

From 15 years old, Amelia has been interning, shadowing and reading scripts for various production companies in London and Los Angeles. After being hugely inspired by her work experience, Amelia decided to set up her own production company and garner the rights to a Stephen King short story…