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A new short film is being shot in Romeo and the director is a Detroiter himself.

But he’s bringing along some friends from Hollywood that he’s met along the way and by this time next year, you could hear about this film on the festival circuit.

Director Luke Jaden says he’s excited to be back home, back behind a camera and back to bring a story to life.

On Thursday, the crew was shooting what we call B-ROLL: Filler, and scene setters that will later be added to the film based on the short-story “My Pretty Pony” originally written by Stephen King.

“It’s about a grandfather and a grandson, and really just about this beautiful moment… this rich moment they have together in an apple orchard,” said Jaden.

The backdrop will be an old farm house in Romeo that Jaden scouted himself. Soon, it will host actors Tobin Bell and Noah Jupe.

Bell is a veteran actor from movies like “In the Line of Fire” and “Saw.”

Jupe is an up-and-comer from a recent George Clooney flick.

The crew also plans to shoot at Blake’s Apple Orchard.