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Back in november 2003 some Stephen King fan (like your self) asked me if I had the Dollar Baby “Paranoid”, He want to trade it for “Strawberry Spring” by Doveed Linder.

In those days I had a webpage where I uploaded this.  In the same month I got permission to distribute “Night Surf” online for “Upstart Film Collective“.

After that the collection was getting bigger and bigger. Stephen King Short Movies was born.


In april 2006 I received a e-mail from Stephen King’s assitent “Marsha DeFlippo” to take down the official Dollar Babies from my website.

She stated that the directors should get permission from Stephen King for internet broadcast, and to-date only Paranoid was given such a permission, for a limited time. The Dollar Baby contract allows directors to show their film on film festivals or as a product reel, and internet-broadcast compromises the ability to sell the commercial film rights. This also includes non-profit broadcast.

I’ve contacted the directors about this statement, and they kindly asked me to take it down.