Beachworld (Jackie Perez)

Title: Beachworld (2019) (USA)
Runtime: 14′
Based on the story: Beachworld
Director(s): Jackie Perez
(Script-)writer(s): Jackie Perez
Producer(s): Brian Campeau, Karen Kraft, Brian May, Tom McCafferty, Dianna Leanne Wilson
Cast: Samantha Cutaran, Tom Mccafferty, Eduardo Olmos, Lynn Ross, Lisa Costanza
Additional Crew: Michael Clebanoff, Sarah Phillips

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Federation Officer Shapiro crash-lands on a desert planet with no sign of water, life, or a way off. Her crew-mate Rand is no help, resigned to his fate on the hypnotic alien dunes. Locating the ship’s emergency beacon is their only hope, but when a salvage crew answers their distress signal, it’s already too late.

“Beachworld” © Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

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