Organize a Dollar Baby Film Festival

Note. The page is still under development so not everything will work yet! We look forward to seeing you again soon.

At the end of September 2004, the first film festival for dollar babies was held for the first time in history, following this website that was created a year earlier. We are proud of that.

Over the years, various festivals have taken place in different countries; USA, the Netherlands, Argentina, Russia and a few more.

Here you can read what to do if you want to organize a film festival about dollar babies in your own country.

What should you do?
What should you pay attention to?
What is allowed and what is not allowed.

For any questions you can always contact us to assist you with this.

This page will be developed further.

Note. The page is still under development so not everything will work yet! We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Film Festivals are a great way to showcase new (Dollar Baby-)movies that made by a director or producer.

While most film festivals will take a long time to prepare, they can also be done quickly, and less professionally, for example at a school.

Step 1: Naming the Festival

One of the First things that you should do is name your film festival. Every film festival has a name.

The better the name, the more interesting it will sound, and more people will look into it.

Here are some ideas for our film festival name:

  1.  Greatest Film Festival on Earth
  2.  Second Greatest Film Festival on Earth
  3.  Cannes (ummm….is that taken?)
  4.  Almost Perfect Film Festival
  5.  Mr. Big and Tall Film Festival
  6.  Sears Film Festival brought to you by Wal-Mart, for all of your filming needs.

Step 2: Getting the Venue

You will need to book a venue for the festival.
This can cost a lot of money, and will need to be booked long in advance.

For instructional purposes, use the projector, or smart Board in a classroom.
The Smart Board is a great alternative to an expensive theatre that would cost thousands of dollars.

Step 3: Budget

You will need a budget
To get money specifically for the film festivals, you could create an entry fee, or even collect sponsorships.

If you are doing this for fun, on a small scale, such as in a classroom there won’t be much of a budget.

You could get a catering company to provide food. Or have the guests and movie makers bring their own food.

A popcorn machine would be an awesome addition to the festival and it would blow everyone’s mind.

Step 4: Schedule

You will need a schedule to help plan what movies will be seen, and when.
With a large scale film festival, this is crucial.

Depending on how many entries there are, it could take anywhere from one day, to the whole week.

Step 5: Getting the Films, and People

You will need to invite:

  •  Directors
  •  Producers
  •  Writers
  •  Actors
  •  Audience
  •  Critics/Judges

If you are doing it in a school, you could invite the principal, students, or teachers who are on prep.
Make sure everyone has their films prepared, so everyone is set for the day.

You could also lure people in with promises of snacks and immortality.

Step 6: Crew

You will need a crew to help run the festival. They are in charge of keeping everything running.Crew are one of the most important parts of a film festival.They are a necessity. Feel free to use friends, or other people from your classes. With any luck, they will work for free, just to get out of class.

This would include:

  •  Lights
  •  Projector/Screen
  •  Food
  •  Doormen
  •  Bouncers

Step 7: Promotion

Put up posters of movies, and give descriptions.
This is so people have an idea about what they will be seeing.

Encourage people to be creative with their posters, in order to generate a lot of hype for the festival.

Set up the posters along the walls of the venue, so that everyone there will be able to see them upon entering.
You could possibly have the creator show the poster while introducing the movie.

Step 8: Showing the Movies

Show the movies to the audience
You could possibly have the directors explain it before it begins.

Make sure to rate the movies as they go on, so that you can review them, give constructive criticism, and possibly, hand out awards.

You could get a red carpet, print tickets, get a popcorn machine, or various other movie related items, that would make it as interesting as possible.

Step 9: Awards: Optional

You could hand out awards, as most Film Festivals do, but this isn’t a necessity.
However, it could be fun, and give rewards to those who did exceptionally well.

Try not to rub it in anyone’s faces though, or they won’t want to do it again, or will be discouraged from their failing dreams.

Award Ideas:

  •  Best Film
  •  Best Director
  •  Best Writing
  •  Best Actor/Actress
  •  Best Special Effects
  •  Best Movie Ever of All Time
  •  Best Use of a Banana Peel
  •  Best Comedy