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The Timekeepers of Eternity (Aristotelis Maragkos)

Title: The Timekeepers of Eternity (2021) (GR/UK)Runtime: 62′Director(s): Aristotelis Maragkos & Tom Holland(Script-)writer(s): Tom Holland, Stephen King, Aristotelis MaragkosProducer(s): Aristotelis MaragkosCast: Bronson Pinchot, Kate Maberly, Dean Stockwell, David Morse, Mark Lindsay Chapman, Patricia Wettig,...


Long Live the King

LONG LIVE THE KING – THE FIRST BRAZILIAN DOLLAR BABY FILM FESTIVAL This Halloween, a Brazilian audience will gather around once again to celebrate our King’s stories. This is the 2ndedition of the only...


Dollar Baby Festivals Online

KING ON SCREEN 4 The event has been approved by Mr King’s office. The 4th edition of the Dollar Baby Festival it’s organized by Restaurant de la Mente! Mark your calendar. The event will...