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Frequently Asked Questions about Stephen King and our website. If you miss a question, please contact us.

Q: Are you Stephen King?
A: No, we are not Stephen King. Only fans just like you.

Q: Do you have Stephen King’s home address and/or his e-mail address?
A: We can only provide the address of his office
Stephen King
49 Florida Ave.
Bangor, Maine, 04401 (USA)
We do not have his private email address.

Q: Do you have any connection with Stephen King?
A: No, we have no personal contact with Stephen King, if any contact only with his assistant.

Q: Who manages this website?
A: This website is maintained by two people, namely Bernd Lautenslager (from the Netherlands) and Oscar Garrido (from Spain).

Q: I see spelling errors on the website. What now?
A: Please notify us. English is not native language and typing error can always happen.

Q: Can I use information from this website on my own website?
A: Of course you can. It is appreciated to mention who the source is.

Q: Can I link the website from my own website?
A: That is always possible. Awesome. This is the correct address: https://www.stephenkingshortmovies.com.

Q: Can you recommend other Stephen King related websites?
A: We already do. You can find this at the Links page.

Q: I have information that is not shared on the website. What now?
A: That’s fantastic. Let us know. So that we can quickly share this with others.

Q: What should I do if I can’t find something on the website?
A: Don’t hesitate to contact us. After all, we are here for you.

Q: I see several videos on your website. Can I download it?
A: We do not offer (host) anything ourselves. This is linked from other websites like youtube or vimeo etc. Try it there.

Q: Which social platforms you share information on?
A: We share our information on Facebook, Twitter, Intragram and Linkedin.

Q: I would like to make my own Dollar Baby. Where do I have to be for this?
A: On this page we explain a few things about making a Dollar Baby. You must actually apply for the rights on StephenKing.com. (please keep us informed when you have received permission)

Q: I would like to organize a Dollar Baby Film Festival in my country. How do I handle this?
A: That is amazing. On this page we explain how you can approach and achieve this.