The Boogeyman (Stephen Hyams)

Title: The Boogeyman (2014) (UK)
Runtime: unknown
Director(s): Stephen Hyams
(Script-)writer(s): Stephen Hyams
Producer(s): Liam Swann
Cast: Cyd Casados, James Cosmo, Jack Hollington, Miltos Yerolemou
Additional Crew: Michael Murray, Owen Ward, Jayne Van Zandt, Martin Lejeune

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Lester Billings is a man tormented by an unseen entity destroying his family one by one, until he is forced to confront the evil taking over his soul. With the help of Dr.Harper, Lester relives his horrific past in a desperate attempt to save his own life.

“The Boogeyman” © Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

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