Cain Rose Up (Jeven Dovey)

Title: Cain Rose Up (2010) (USA)
Runtime: 10′
Based on the story: Cain Rose Up
Director(s): Jeven Dovey
(Script-)writer(s): Jeven Dovey
Producer(s): Madison Murphy, Josh Kantor
Cast: David Tolemy, Cole Gamero, Mark Sande, Dan Mason, Doug Locke, Alexander Aquino, Lee Biolos, Jim Dovey, Stacy Dovey, Rebecca Nashleanas
Additional Crew: Katie Kane, David Monzingo, Jordan Bernahar, Joseph B. Hernandez, Miles Painter

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Who has the final say when it comes to morality? Curt Garrish believes his twisted view on life trumps even God’s guiding light.

“Cain Rose Up” © Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

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