Death Room (Karen Strode)

Title: Death Room (2023/4) (USA)
Runtime: unknown In Pre-Production
Director(s): Karen Strode
(Script-)writer(s): Gregory T. Fugate
Producer(s): Gregory T. Fugate
Cast: Vason Jomkumsingh, Bobby Smith


In Caracas, Venezuela, Investigative journalist James Fletcher is detained in “La Tumba”, the underground detention center and headquarters for the Bolivarian Intelligence Service.

“In the Deathroom” © Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

The 2017 version was not what Gregory(Husband Karen Strode) wanted. So now wanted to do it again and better. Unfortunately, due to health issues, the “remake” is currently still in pre-production.August 24, 2023
Gregory direct the 2017 version, and Karen (his wife) has shown interest in the film industry. Due Gregory’s health issues, they decided that Karen would be the director while Gregory remained as producer and writer.August 24, 2023

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