Do the Dead Sing? (Dion Schumann)

Title: Do the Dead Sing? (2019) (GER)
Runtime: 20′
Director(s): Dion Schumann
(Script-)writer(s): Dion Schumann
Producer(s): Dion Schumann
Cast: Christian Concilio, Charles Rettinghaus, Carla Becker, Ron Kochanski, Aleyna Satici-Schumann, Till Demuth
Additional Crew: Joey Dean Woo-Ling, Oliver Heck, Simeon Walz,

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The year she turns ninety-five, Stella starts to see ghosts of her dead friends and loved ones, specifically her late husband Bill. They all tell her to join them in crossing the Reach, an ice bridge that forms over the ocean between her home of Goat Island and the mainland every winter.

“The Reach” © Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

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