El Hombre que Amaba las Flores (Eduardo Colón)

Title: El Hombre que Amaba las Flores (2024) (MEX)
Runtime: 15′
Director(s): Eduardo Colón
(Script-)writer(s): Eduardo Colón
Producer(s): Eduardo Colón, Enrique Enriquez
Cast: Sofia Aragon (Sofía Montserrat Aragón), Mikael Lacko, Gabriel Chavez (Gabriel Chávez Aguirre), Mercedes Regina
Additional Crew: Eder Zúñiga (Eder G. Zúñiga), Leon Colón,  Carlos Villalobos, Jasiel Alvarez, Alonso Diaz

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While a serial killer is on the loose in Mexico City on a spring day; A man in love walks through the streets and is approached by a strange flower seller who tries to convince him to buy a bouquet for his girlfriend. After convincing himself and buying the bouquet, the man finds a woman who seems to be his lover.

“The Man Who Loved Flowers” © Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

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