The last rung on the ladder (Lucas Stewart)

Title: The last rung on the ladder (2012) Bandera de Estados Unidos
Runtime: 16′
Director: Lucas Stewart
Script: Godfrey Taylor
Cast: Allen Adams, Dawson Tucker, Lillian Ashby, Sara Winningham, Thomas Mooney, Dan Cashman, Kevin Duplissie, Marty Kelley, Tory Paxson, Kelly Richard, Richie Ross, Glenn Stewart, Samantha Stoner, Susan Christensen Stoner, Alicia Strusa, Joe Visciano.

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Larry is one of the most respected corporate lawyers in the country. You might say he has everything in life one could want – except everything that one needs. He shares his life with nobody and has saturated himself into his work to the point where it is his world. When his sister, Katrina, falls victim to circumstances of life, he is nowhere to be found. The Last Rung On The Ladder is a story about loss and regret.

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