The Man Who Loved Flowers (Justin Zimmerman)

Title: The Man Who Loved Flowers (2015)(USA)
Runtime: 6′
Director(s): Justin Zimmerman
(Script-)writer(s): Justin Zimmerman (#2)
Terry Cleveland, Hailee Kendrick, Zachary Linkow, Douglas Hanford Snyder, Kimberly Rose Zimmerman
Cast: Marshall Bradley, John Branch, Dennis Fitzpatrick, Kirsten FoeDelaney Hagfeldt, Rebecca Jabbar, Payam Karamooz, Heather Kendrick, Mikki Lipsey, Leigh Nishi-Strattner, Natashia Pardo, Gabrielle Paris, Angelica Schay, Megan Smith, Douglas Hanford Snyder, Jennifer Voshell, Carly Woods.
Additional Crew: John W. Snyder, Scott Ballard, Zachary Linkow, Christina Kortum

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Stephen King’s romantic and visceral short story brought to colorful and horrific life!

“That Man Who Loved Flowers” © Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

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