Minimum Overdrive (Liam Engle)

Title: Minimum Overdrive (2004) (FRA)
Runtime: 13′
Director(s): Liam Engle
(Script-)writer(s): Liam Engle & Thierry Ramoin
Producer(s): Liam Engle
Cast: Thierry Ramoin. Liam Engle, Nicolas Capus
Additional Crew: Raphaël Heiries, Aurore Piovera, Jean-François Terrabon, Daniel Brunet, Aurélien Branthomme

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Never-ending chase between a man and… a toy car! A 50cm-long plastic car is a real killer.

A guard in an empty parking lot stumbling on a “Wanted – Dead or Alive” poster featuring none other than the car itself. He quickly understands that the remote-controlled toy that’s roaming the lot is indeed the killer… and the chase is on!

This is not an official Dollar Baby!

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