Stationary Bike. Richard Enya story (Robert McSweeney)

Title: Stationary Bike. Richard Enya story (2022) (USA)
Runtime: 44′
Director(s): Robert McSweeney
(Script-)writer(s): Robert McSweeney
Producer(s): Robert McSweeney, Lisa Hinds
Cast: Robert McSweeney, Jordan Hood, Jaunita Merriman, Jordan Engle
Additional Crew: Kazket Bound, Eric Celentano,

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A middle aged lady who has a cholesterol problem so she starts to exercise riding a stationary bike. She is a photographer and takes some pictures of mountain roads to hang up on the wall of her workout station so she isn’t just staring at a blank wall. Regina sets a destination on a map and she records her progress with a tack after each day riding the bike. As she starts to get close to her destination she starts to feel like she is being followed.

“Stationary Bike” © Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

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