Suffer The Little Children (Sarah Clements)

Title: Suffer The Little Children (2012) (USA)
Runtime: 12′
Director(s): Sarah Clements
(Script-)writer(s): Sarah Clements
Producer(s): Brady Ollivier
Cast: Kelly Vail, Sam Woodwill, Kate Raymond, Brady Ollivier, Tyler Raymond-Vail, Tracy Raymon, Zach Woodwill, Even Raymond, Thomas Raymond, Kaissidy Ollivier
Additional Crew: Ryan Daniel, Forrest Wilson


An elderly teacher at the Summer Street School, Miss Sidley is disturbed when one of her students tells her that, “Tomorrow a bad thing will happen.” When she probes further into the matter, she discovers that aliens are slowly taking over the bodies of her students.

“Suffer The Little Children” © 1993 Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

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