Votum (Kornelia Takacs)

Title: Votum (2024) (HUN)
Runtime: 17′
Director(s): Kornelia Takacs
(Script-)writer(s): Kornelia Takacs
Producer(s): Kornelia Takacs, Krisztina Weber, Adam Felszeghy, Laszlo Nagy, Judit Romwalter, Tamas Bohacs
Cast: Klara Spilak, Balazs Csemy, David Natale
Additional Crew: Peter Virag, Mihaly Lukacs, Sara Szalai, Gyula Mozes

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“The Woman in The Room” © Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

Principal photography took place in Budapest in 2023.
The three day shoot was proceeded by a very strong
pre-production phase. The shoot was well planned out and superbly executed.

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