Willa (Nathan Skethway)

Title: Willa – A Folk Rock Campfire Story (2019) (USA)
Runtime: 90′ (Musical adaptation)
Director(s): Nathan Skethway
Created and Performed by: Billy Simone Band
(Script-)writer(s): Abi Vermeal
Performer: James Canal, Brian Chandler Cook, Melanie Gettler, Alyssa Lundberg, Abigail Rose, Nathan Skethway, Molly Williams


A train derails in the mountains of Wyoming. A group of passengers wait in a desolate train station, hoping to be rescued so that they can resume their travels. Among them are David and Willa, a young couple on their way to get married in San Francisco but Willa has gone missing in the night. Based on a short story by Stephen King, Willa is a folk rock campfire story about love, loss, and finding joy amongst strangers in the dark. (Note: Musical adaptation)

“Willa” © 2008 Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

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