The woman in the room (Dave Brock)

Title: The woman in the room (2016)
Runtime: 30′
Director: Dave Brock
Script: Dave Brock
Cast: Laura K. Mckenzie, Wally Dempsey, Matt Webb, Liza Cordiero-Echols, Laurance Raines, Traci Phillips, Rami Joseph Anderson, Ali Ziyati, Matt Brock, Thomas Taylor, Andrew Dempsey, Emily Isaacs, Tom Baumgardner, Liz Swick, Heather Snodgrass, Dave Grave, Aaron Day, Mattheew Skeen, Adam Striker.
Composer: Stephen Kaminski

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Family comes first in life…AND death. John Vance is dealing with the most difficult situation of his life as he copes with his mother’s terminal illness. Confronted by his mother’s pain and haunted by the nightmares from his past, John must finally decide if a son’s duty to his family is worth what it will ultimately cost.

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