Edward Linder

He played in Sean A. Skinner‘s Dollar Baby Rest Area as Gas Station Guy 3.

SKSM: Could you start with telling me a little bit about yourself? Who are you and what do you do?

Edward Linder: My Name is Edward Linder and I am originally from California but moved to Minnesota in the 80’s.  By day I am the region operations director for the largest AV company in the world but by night I am an actor/producer for short films and content.

SKSM: When did you know you wanted to become an actor?

Edward Linder: The first time was when I did my first high school play.  It was Arthur Miller’s The Crucible.  I loved being onstage interacting with all the other actors, stage crew and director. It was magic.  From that day I never really turned back.

SKSM: How did you become involved in Rest Area Dollar Baby film?

Edward Linder: Sean Skinner (My film partner) and I were driving back from a film festival and started chatting about what to do for our next project.  We talked about Stephen King and the Dollar Baby’s.  We were not sure which one at the time to producer, but we were both Stephen King fans.

SKSM: What do you think it is about the story that attracts people so much?

Edward Linder: I am always attracted to stories about the underdog.  Like most Stephen King Stories it’s about a writer dealing with their inter demons but steps out of the box to become the hero.  At the time of Sean and I producing this film the #MeToo movement very present on the news and in the media.  We looked at a lot of different adaptations of the original story “Rest Stop” which our version became Rest Area (due to our geographical location) and thought it would be a strong choice to make our protagonist a woman.

SKSM: Did you have to audition for the part or was it written directly for you?

Edward Linder: Well, no.  Since I was the producer I wanted a little screen time, so I was able to have a nice little cameo in the film as one of the party guys at the gas station.

SKSM: You worked with Sean A. Skinner on this film, how was that?

Edward Linder: Do I have to say something nice about Sean?  Just kidding.  I love working with Sean.  We have done over a dozen projects over the past few years from HELP DESK to 499.  We tend to balance the work load onset.  He is great with the technical and I support with some of the acting needs.

499 Link https://vimeo.com/213177037

HELP DESK Link https://vimeo.com/176998755

SKSM: Was there any funny or special moment when they made the movie that you would like to tell me about?

Edward Linder: I don’t know if it’s funny or not but I we used my Honda Civic for the hero car in the film. With that in mind, I was needed every time we shot. There were some pick up shots we had to do, and I was the stunt driver because Emily Fradenburgh our main actor was not available at the time.  There was one cut of the film (we corrected it) that you can see it was me driving the car. I guess that was pretty funny.

SKSM: Do you still have any contact with the crew/cast from that time? If so with who?

Edward Linder: Oh yes! Most everyone involved with Rest Area I am in constant contact.  With a lot of the project I produce, I like to keep in contact incase I need some more help in my next project. I like to keep things fun and professional on set which, I hope they like working with me in the future.

SKSM: What are you working on nowadays?

Edward Linder: I just finished up our NITE series (Book Nite, Nite Out, Nite Ryde) with Sean.  We took 3 short films and had characters show up in all 3 films.  I am in preproduction for another short film I want to shoot this summer called BGA.  My film ZipperMan is starting to make the festival scene.

SKSM: Are you a fan of Stephen King’s work?

Edward Linder: I am a very big fan of Mr. King.  I guess you can call me a “Constant Reader”.  I just finished his The Outsider last fall and I loved his Dark Tower Series.  I am looking forward to seeing part 2 of IT and the new Pet Sematary movie.

SKSM: What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

Edward Linder: That I love a good glass of Bourbon or single malt Scotch.

SKSM: Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. Is there anything you want to say to the fans that read this interview?

Edward Linder: Thank you for reaching out to me. This interview was a lot of fun. I hope that people get a chance to see Rest Area in a theater as it makes the film festival circuit. I think we have produced a special little Stephen King short film.

SKSM: Do you like to add anything else?

Edward Linder: We are so proud to announce that Rest Area is an Official Selection and WINNER of the Royal Reel Award at the Canada International Film Festival!!  And we should have some more announcement to follow.  Please follow us on Twitter and Facebook.


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