The Boogeyman (Mando Franco)

Title: The Boogeyman (2013) Bandera de Estados Unidos
Runtime: 29′
Based on the story: The Boogeyman
Director: Mando Franco
Script: Mando Franco
Cast: Jason Lockhart, Gregory Cast, Miriam Korn, Maria Olsen, Robert Mitchell, John Klopping, Rick Frederick, David Lengel, Jason Boegh, Ashida Onrae, Jonée B. Shady, J. Kristopher, Jodi Adler, Katherine Canipe, Chris Dorman, Christopher May, Noah Morrison, Nolan Morrison, Michael Rosenbaum.

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1 year after Lester Billings is accused of brutally murdering his 3 infant children,Lester visits renowned psychiatrist, Dr Harper. During the session, Harper is told the truth about the deaths of Lester’s 3 children. With the clock ticking, Harper must determine if Lester really did kill his children, or if it was, as Lester puts it, The Boogeyman. But the truth is only the beginning of this nightmare.

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