Stumm (Rudi Specht)

Title: Stumm (2012) (GER)
Runtime: 43′
Director(s): Rudi Specht
(Script-)writer(s): Rudi Specht
Producer(s): Lisa Rögner, Rudi Specht, Adonai Bilger
Cast: Rudi Specht, Patrik Daust, Natasa Goschke, Achim Bechtold, Adonai Bilger, Lisa Rögner
Additional Crew: Adonai Bilger, Yvy Heussler

Monette, a middle-aged traveling book salesman (his first name is never given), goes to confession. When the priest asks him what sin he has committed, Monette admits that he believes he has sinned in some way but is not entirely sure exactly what he is guilty of.

“Mute” © Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

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