Everything’s Eventual (J. P. Scott)

Title: Everything’s Eventual (2009) (USA)
Runtime: 1h 18′
Based on the story: Everything’s Eventual
Director(s): J.P. Scott
(Script-)writer(s): Chad Callaghan
Producer(s): J.P. Scott
Cast: Michael Flores, Joe Young, Cavin Gray, Shane Dean, John Rea, Matthew Taylor, Dennis Ford, Lauren Alonzo, James Aiken, Richard Anderson, Tomas Johansson, Matthew Keats, Jackie Olson, Peter C. Riddell, Tom Sponberg.
Additional Crew: John Scott, Greg Pilon, Bret Thomas

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A young man, who has a unique psychic talent, is recruited by a mysterious company. In return, he is given everything he wants, a house, a car, everything. His situation seems ideal, everything’s eventual. Or is it?

“Everything’s Eventual” © Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

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