All That You Love Will Be Carried Away (Lewis Mehta)

Title: All That You Love Will Be Carried Away (2019) (CAN)
Runtime: 12′
Director(s): Lewis Mehta (Lewis Darius Mehta)
(Script-)writer(s): Lewis Mehta
Producer(s): Jennifer Boudreau, Chase Gardiner
Cast: Tom Edwards, Michelle Molineux, Tom Lim, Krishna Tailor, Mary Lou Drachenberg, James Mosher, Jennifer Boudreau, Jacob Johnson
Additional Crew: Rebecca Lappa, Leanne Weisgerber, Ian Doyle, Michael Noble, Sara King

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It has similar tones to Death of a Salesman. It takes place on the eve of our main character deciding whether or not if he’s going to take his own life. The whole short is about the irrational conversation that somebody in that state of mind has deciding whether or not to do it.

“All That You Love Will Be Carried Away” © Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

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