Autopsy Room 4 (Dimitar Dimitrov)

Title: Autopsy Room 4 (2011) (RUS)
Runtime: 16′
Based on the story: Autopsy Room Four
Director(s): Dimitar Dimitrov
(Script-)writer(s): Dimitar Dimitrov, Maya Nedelcheva
Producer(s): Stanislav Semerdjiev
Cast: Angel Georgiev, Kalin Vrachanski, George Zlatarev, Krassimira Kuzmanova, Ivaylo Zahariev
Additional Crew: George Strezov, Boris Slavkov, Kevork Aslanyan

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The wealthy Geno has been bitten by a snake during his golf training and ends up in the morgue. He is in the hands of a severe and sexy pathologist and her trainee, the only problem is that Geno is still alive.

Note: This is not an official Dollar Baby.

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