Ayana (Fabricio Cerioni & Calvin Jung)

Title: Ayana (2013) (USA)
Runtime: 15′
Director(s): Fabricio Cerioni & Calvin Jung
(Script-)writer(s): Fabricio Cerioni & Calvin Jung
Producer(s): Richard Bradford, Chris Steinke
Cast: Lee de Broux, Katherine Disque, Suze Q, Victor Warren, Kevin E. West, Gina Fields, Darrin James
Additional Crew: Chris DuBrock, Erik Hudson


Based on the Stephen King short story of the same name, Don ‘Doc’ Gentry is miraculously healed of pancreatic cancer by a simple kiss from Ayana, who disappears shortly thereafter, but not before she passes the gift of healing – and its price – to Doc’s son.

“Ayana” © Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

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