Ayana (Joana Lima Martins)

Title: Ayana (2012) (USA)
Runtime: 38′
Director(s): Joana Lima Martins
(Script-)writer(s): Joana Lima Martins & Maximilian Berwald
Producer(s): Sheila Collins
Cast: Jujuana Sharon Williams, Sheila Collins, Dillon Siedentopf, Arye Michael Bender, Dominic Johnson, Allan Lazo
Additional Crew: Courtney Ballardo, Mackenzie Mathis, Manh Hakchareun

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“Ayana” is a loose adaptation of a short story by Stephen King under the Dollar Baby program. It recreates the story of Ayana as an African-American blind woman who loves listening to audio-books read by a particular voice. It focus on her chance encounter with Dave, a white man who is attending to his dying father. When they meet, Ayana recognizes her favorite reader.

“Ayana” © Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

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