Beached (James Renfroe)

Title: Beached (2018) Bandera de Estados Unidos
Runtime: 30′
Director: James Renfroe
Script: James Renfroe
Cast: John Charles Meyer, Ryun Yu, Irina Costa Jelinek, Jason Sweat, Christine Ahanotu.


8,000 years in the future, two crewmembers, Rand and Shapiro, survive the crash-landing of their spacecraft on an uncharted planet made up entirely of sand. Rand becomes hypnotized by the endless dunes and refuses to either move from the very spot he’s standing on or drink water. Shapiro also feels drawn to the dunes but, unlike Rand, finds this hypnosis frightening and is relieved to go inside their shipwreck, where the dunes are out of sight. At one point he sees, or imagines, how the unnamed world once hosted civilized intelligent life, but over time the cities, bodies of water, and ultimately everything on the planet was overtaken and buried by the sand.

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