Beachworld (Christian Skibinski)

Script not available

Title: Beachworld (2016/Incomplete) (GER)
Runtime: unknown
Based on the story: Beachworld
Director(s): Christian Skibinski
(Script-)writer(s): Christian Skibinski
Producer(s): Christian Skibinski
Cast: Raymond Dudzinski, David Vicsotka
Additional Crew: Sebastian Moretto, Shari Littmann, Carsten Butzek, Damian W. Gorczany


The two surviving members of a spacecraft’s crash find themselves on an uncharted planet made up entirely of sand which they remark as being similar to a beach. The planet’s mystery is revealed when a second spacecraft arrives to rescue them.

In February 2012 Filmmaker Christian Skibinski acquired the rights to adapt “Beachworld” into an animated short film, which is scheduled to be released later that year.

“Beachworld” © Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

Christian Skibinski: I chose Beachworld, because I’m a big Sci-Fi fan.
Than I got to work. I filmed live action to animate over the footage.
Roto-Scoping like Ralph Bakshi used to do on The Lord of the Ring etc. 
December 8, 2023
Sebastian Moretto: it was intended to be a rotoscoped animated film.
However, as far as I’m aware the animation was not completed.
November 14, 2023

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