Derailed (Anna Shapiro)

Title: Derailed / Tsena izmeny (2014) (RUS)
Runtime: 20′
Director(s): Anna Shapiro
(Script-)writer(s): Anna Shapiro
Producer(s): Anna Shapiro
Cast: Igor Savochkin, Maria Ryshenkova, Victor Panchenko, Evdokia Germanova, Anna Churina
Additional Crew: Dmitry Savinov, Oleg Troyanovski, Olesya Petrash, Sergei Shkirskiy


A group of travelers has found themselves stranded in a railroad station waiting for a train that never seems to come to replace the one they had been traveling in. Yan realizes that his fiancee, Mila, is not at the station and follows her to the nearby village. He finds her at a local night club and she is almost happy to see him. Almost, because Mila insists that something awful had happened to them.

“Willa” © Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

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