Big Wheels (Andrew Simpson)

Title: Big Wheels (2019) (CAN)
Runtime: 22′
Based on the story: Big Wheels: A Tale of the Laundry Game (Milkman No. 2)
Director(s): Andrew Simpson
(Script-)writer(s): Devin Garabedian
Producer(s): Andrew Bee, Yair Karlberger, Mark Rival, Andrew Simpson
Cast: Andrew Bee, Mark Rival, Connor Dutchak
Additional Crew: Nigel Dahl, Benji Irwin, Sean Leonard, Elena Seepe, Madds Blaszczyk


Two men fueled by alcohol and rage force a mechanic into giving their car a last minute inspection. As the process continues, shifts in power start to emerge and tensions start to run dangerously high.

“Big Wheels: A Tale of the Laundry Game (Milkman No. 2)” © Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

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