The Deathroom (Kavan Mulvey)

Title: The Deathroom (2021/Cancelled) (USA)
Runtime: unknown
Director(s): Kavan Mulvey
(Script-)writer(s): Kavan Mulvey
Producer(s): Mac McMurchy
Cast: unknown
Additional Crew: Courtney Wise, Kenzie Wise

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A man named Fletcher who gets captured by members of South American dictatorship and interrogated in a place known as a “Deathroom”.  The rest of the story is a tense thriller about whether he will escape or not.

We’re adapting the short story into a short film and stylized as just “The Deathroom”. Although ours will be primarily the same story, we did take some liberties to adapt it in our own way and put a spin on it. Our version will take place in the 1980’s during the cold war. Instead of a South American dictatorship, our’s will be about a group of people paranoid about Russian spies in America. 

“In The Deathroom” © Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

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