The Boogeyman (Jeffrey C. Schiro)

Title: The Boogeyman (1982) (USA)
Runtime: 28′
Based on the story: The Boogeyman
Director(s): Jeffrey C. Schiro
(Script-)writer(s): Jeffrey C. Schiro (Jeff Schiro)
Producer(s): Jeff Schiro
Cast: Michael Earl Reid, Bert Linder, Terence Brandis, Mindy Silverman, Jerome Bynder, Bobby Persicelli, Michael D’Agostino, Nancy Lindeberg, James Holmes, Ross Macdonald, Dave Buff, Rich West, John Coté, Brooke Trivas.
Additional Crew: Douglas Meltzer, John Coté, Dana Winseman

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Lester Billing’s children are dying one by one. Prepare for a nightmarish journey into the dark side of one man’s psyche; the side where fear can take over, reason can be lost and sanity can crumble. “The Boogeyman” is the first short film to be made from a Stephen King story.

“The Boogeyman” © Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

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