The Woman in the Room (Alex Leas)

Title: The Woman in the Room (2023) (USA)
Runtime: 37′
Director(s): Alex Leas
(Script-)writer(s): Alex Leas
Producer(s): Nicole Dempsey, Marie Litzinger, Cas Taylor (Cassie L. Taylor)
Cast: Ingrid Sanai Buron, Juan Alemán II, Fernando Duran, Rebeca Allen, Lina Pittser, Rusty Miller
Additional Crew: Nonabella Nicosia, Sean Lewis, Elena Corynn, Kelly Darby

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Based on a short story by Stephen King. Johnny is burdened with the desire to euthanize his terminally ill mother in order to relieve her.

“The Woman in the Room” © Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

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