The Boogeyman (Jenny Januszewski)

Title: The Boogeyman (2013) (USA)
Runtime: 25′
Based on the story: The Boogeyman
Director(s): Jenny Januszewski
(Script-)writer(s): Jenny Januszewski
Producer(s): Jenny Januszewski
Cast: Allison Allain, Gavin Baker, Sam Brilhart, Akie Kotabe, Livy Fitts, Claudia Januszewski, Ella Januszewski, Christine Mascott, Virginia Newcomb, Dane Nielsen, Benjamin Trudell.
Additional Crew: Chris Bragg, Samuel Kim, Jason Mendoza

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Based upon a short story by Stephen King, the Boogeyman is a film about Lester Billings as he struggles to hold on to his sanity as he copes with the mysterious death of his three children. For Stephen King or Darabont fans, this is an official ‘Dollar Baby.’

“The Boogeyman” © Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

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