The Death of Jack Hamilton (Jamie Anderson)

Title: The Death of Jack Hamilton (2012/3) (UK)
Runtime: 35′
Based on the story: The Death of Jack Hamilton
Director(s): Jamie Anderson
(Script-)writer(s): Jonas Daniel Alexander
Producer(s): Andrew Lazenby, Michael McHugh, Sarah Wilby
Cast: Alexander Ellis, Chris Sheridan, Christopher Berry, Ina Marie Smith, David Aldridge, Jonas Daniel Alexander, Will Harrison-Wallace, James Middlemarch.
Additional Crew: Oliver Richards, Dave S. Walker, Katie Northard, Sara Trzupek

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The film centres on John Dillinger, Homer Van Meter and Jack Hamilton after their narrow escape from Little Bohemia. As they are fleeing, Hamilton is shot in the lung. They attempt to seek treatment for Hamilton as his condition rapidly worsens and he begins to succumb to gangrene and dementia.

“The Death of Jack Hamilton” © Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

The VFX are being worked on now finally and it should be ready soon!May 26; 2015

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