Lunch at the Gotham Café (Vincent Graziano)

(script is not available)

Title: Lunch at the Gotham Café (2013) (USA)
Runtime: 10′
Based on the story: Lunch at the Gotham Café
Director(s): Vincent Graziano / (Vincent Michael Manias / Vincent M Graziano)
(Script-)writer(s): Vincent Graziano
Producer(s): Vincent Graziano
Cast: Sam Volkov, Sam Wolkow, Julia Johnston, Ben Bass, Len Rella, Tymon Brown

Steve Davis is reeling from his wife’s unexpected demand for a divorce. He agrees to meet her and her lawyer at a fancy restaurant to discuss divorce logistics, but the meeting goes south when an insane maître d’ attacks them with a butcher knife.

Thousands of views, lost in time. I can’t say in the description what this was originally called, or based on or who it was by since copyright issues arose recently. It rhymes with “Brunch brat the Brotham Brafe”, a short story by famed writer Brephen Bring.

Gotham cafe wasn’t a true dollar baby, someone else had bought
out the rights by the time I tried to pay my fee and I wound up
getting a takedown strike from it in the end
September 25, 2023

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