E is for Expiation (Robert Bowen)

Title: E is for Expiation (2024) (USA)
Runtime: 45′ (in Pre-Production)
Director(s): Robert Bowen (Rob Bowen)
(Script-)writer(s): Robert Bowen
Producer(s): Megan MacGrath, Travis Eckland
Cast: Cynthia Rodriguez, Kathryn Diana Rogers, Erynn Mitchell, Mark E. Cannon, Jay Giordano
Additional Crew: McKenzie Martinez

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A guy walks into a bar but it’s no joke. He’s stuck with his family in a ghost town. As the bar owner and his friend try to tell him the danger he thinks they’re crazy until they find his car empty. There’s no such thing as vampires, right?

“Luckey Quarter” © Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

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