Flowers (Pat Bradley)

Title: Flowers (2023/4) (USA)
Runtime: unknown | In Pre-Production/On hold
Director(s): Pat Bradley
(Script-)writer(s): Pat Bradley
Producer(s): Pat Bradley
Cast: unknown


This is a thriller reinterpretation of Stephen King’s horror “The Man Who Loved Flowers” with a few added twists to the story. FLOWERS is Stephen King Dollar Baby Promo. We will hopefully be going into production on this “Dollar Baby” sometime in 2023.

“That Man Who Loved Flowers” © 1978 Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

The film was put on hold due to personal reasons.
I will pick it up again as soon as it is possible again.
Probably do it in the spring 2024
September 19, 2023

Let the director know what you thought of it in the comments. See bottom of page.

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