Gotham Café (Jack Sawyers)

Title: Gotham Café (2005) (USA)
Runtime: 14′
Based on the story: Lunch at the Gotham Café
Director(s): Jack Sawyers
(Script-)writer(s): Peter Schink, Julie Sands & Bev Vincent
Producer(s): Laura Hope, Laurence Ring, Julie Sands, Steve Wozniak (Steve Woz)
Chaney Kley, Julie Sands, Cullen Douglas, Kevin Brief, Mick Garris, Stephen King, Endre Hules, Robert Axelrod, Denny Hankla, Steve Wozniak, Richard B. Rudolph, Pamela Denise Robert David Cochrane
Additional Crew: Rachel Garcia-Dunn, Tim Williams

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With divorce on the horizon, a couple find out that a lunch meeting with the wife’s attorney is about to get very gruesome.

“Lunch at the Gotham Café” © Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

Q.Why isn’t Gotham Cafe showing up at a festival?
A. It contains music for which the rights have lapsed
and the producers haven’t expressed a desire to replace it.
August 21, 2022

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