Graduation Afternoon (David Skaggs)

Title: Graduation Afternoon (2013) (USA)
Runtime: unknown (in Pre-Production)
Director(s): David Skaggs
(Script-)writer(s): David Skaggs
Producer(s): David Skaggs
Cast: Jessi Burkette
Additional Crew:

A young woman enjoying her high school graduation party at her wealthy boyfriend’s suburban Connecticut home and subsequently witnessing the destruction of Manhattan by an atomic bomb.

“Graduation Afternoon” © Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

Graduation Afternoon is looking like it will go into production
sometime around June/July of this year. The script is in it’s final stages.
I have a lead actress cast. Her name is Jessi Burkette, and her credits
include High School Confidential and Breaking Bad.
June 06; 2014

Let the director know what you’re thoughts are and leave them in the comments. See bottom of page.

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