Graduation afternoon (Robert Anthony Padilla)

Tittle: Graduation afternoon (2019) Bandera de Estados Unidos
Runtime: 17′
Director: Robert Anthony Padilla
Script: Marie D. Jones
Cast: George Jac, Jade Kaiser, Brian P. Butler, Noor Razooky, Diane Sargent, C.J. Nowakowski, Rachel Patchett, Lou Acosta, Elizabeth Lawson, Chunzi He, Sandy Nissou, Vimal Pradeep, Magdalena Callie, Jordan Peterson, Dylan Nowakowski, Valentino Valdez, Jamie Belin, Kim Blomgren, Rubi Aceituno

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Events take an unexpected turn when a young woman attends her boyfriend’s graduation party at his parents’ home Adapted from the Stephen King short story.

“Graduation Afternoon” © 2008 Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

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