Harvey’s Dream (Hakan Gunnarson)

Title: Harvey’s Dream (2011) (USA)
Runtime: 10′
Director(s): Hakan Gunnarson
(Script-)writer(s): Hakan Gunnarson
Producer(s): Josh Plotkin
Cast: Mark Corbeil, Natasha Quirke, Michael Kart Richards.
Additional Crew: Clemens Wijers, Brett Rostrup, Michelle Doherty, Jarrett Staaf, Liz van der Walt

Director’s visionary statement by Hakan Gunnarson


Harvey and Janet Stevens are living the perfect life in the perfect house or so it seems. Janet has been secretly having an affair with Harvey’s best friend Frank. What they don’t know is Harvey may not be as in the dark as they suspect.

“Harvey’s Dream” © Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

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