Here there be tygers (James Cochrane)

Title: Here There Be Tygers (2003) (USA)
Runtime: 12′
Director(s): James Cochrane
(Script-)writer(s): James Cochrane
Producer(s): Bas Rynsewyn
Cast: Dustin Steinerger, Jeffrey Voger, Bas Rynsewyn, Michelle Mcconnachie
Additional Crew: Mark Bishop,

Charles is a third grader. He needs to use the bathroom in the school’s basement, and his teacher Miss Bird humiliates him by addressing his need in front of the class. (“Very well Charles. You may go to the bathroom and urinate. Is that what you need to do? Urinate?”) Arriving at the lavatory, he peeks around the corner and sees a tiger lying on the bathroom floor.

“Here There Be Tygers” © 1985 Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

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