The Man in the Black Suit (Nicholas Mariani)

Title: The Man in the Black Suit (2004) (USA)
Runtime: 20′
Director(s): Nicholas Mariani (E. Nicholas Mariani)
(Script-)writer(s): Nicholas Mariani (Ernst Nicholas Mariani)
Producer(s): Nicholas Mariani, Jeff T. Miller, Tobijah Tyler
Cast: John Viener, Reb Fleming, Geoff Hansen, Eric Jacobs, Reds Dakota
Additional Crew: Frank E. Johnson, Steve Hennessey, Kim Holmes

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Set in the fictional town of Motton, Maine, “The Man in the Black Suit” recounts the tale of Gary, a nine-year-old boy, whose brother died, not long ago, due to a bee sting. One day, Gary goes out fishing and falls asleep. When he awakens, he’s startled to discover a bee sitting on the edge of his nose.

“The Man in the Black Suit” © Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

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