I Am The Doorway (David Albahae)

Title: I Am The Doorway (2019) (USA)
Runtime: 19′
Director(s): David Albahae
(Script-)writer(s): David Albahae
Producer(s): Christopher Parades
Cast: Jamie Blond, J.J. Crowne, James Ferrigno, Nicholas Sonara.
Additional Crew: Gavin Winnett, Stephanie Rodriguez, Oscar Vaca, Gilberth Hidalgo

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After being exposed to an alien mutagen on a space trip to Venus, a disabled former astronaut describes the frightening changes he goes through. The narrator, Arthur, begins the narrative with his hands bandaged and complains of horrible itching both before and after the expedition.

“I Am the Doorway” © 1978 Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

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