I am the Doorway (Mark Stevens)

Title: I am the Doorway (2018) (USA)
Runtime: 13′
Director(s): Mark Stevens & Josiah Polhemus
(Script-)writer(s): Mark Stevens & Josiah Polhemus
Producer(s): Kyle Karamanos, Austin Chahin
Cast: Peter Kangas, Ian Doporto, Andrew Kunzel, Jemari Thomas, Derek Jackson, Sadie Holquin, Shannen Knudsen, Jake Lusty, Bruce Louwaert, Aaron Silverman, Kyle Karanamos, Karina Bengco
Additional Crew: Emily Wong, Chris Eschen, Joseph Heller, Trishia Ybarreche

A crippled astronaut experiences strange biological mutations after being exposed to an extraterrestrial mutagen during his time in outer space. His body has become a doorway for some form of alien intelligence to peer into our world from millions of miles away.

“I am the Doorway” © Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

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