In The Radio (Sawyer Edworthy)

Title: In The Radio (2019) (USA)
Runtime: 7′
Director(s): Sawyer Edworthy
(Script-)writer(s): Sawyer Edworthy
Producer(s): Brenden MacDonald, James Crowe
Cast: Jack Lindsay, Emily Hutton, “Mad” Mike Miclette, Sawyer Edworthy

Author John Dykstra, who writes under the pen name Rick Hardin, has been up for hours. The drive back to Sarasota from his mystery writers group in Jacksonville has proven too much for him, and he desperately needs to find a rest stop. When he finally reaches a roadside stop, he begins witnessing strange events. But are they strange sleep-deprived halucinations or warnings, through echos in time?

Inspired by the Stephen King short story, “Rest Stop.” Story rights acquired through the Dollar Baby Program.

“Rest Stop” © 2008 Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

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